12 Reasons Using Timber Furniture & Home Features Is Better

Wood is the oldest construction material in the world, right? So it only make sense for us to continue using the ageless, overtly-reliable material in all manner of living necessities.

Furniture, timber decks and pergolas, carport kits, screens and louvers, timber gates and fencing, timber handrails and balustrades, timber lattice panels, and outdoor awnings are all such necessities; and all crafted by Thomsons Outdoor Pine.

These are the 12 best reasons using pieces from their range for example is s much better than alternatives.

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Timber furniture tackles climate change. 

To effectively tackle climate change we have to remove carbon from the atmosphere as well as reduce new carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Wood has mastered both of these!

The right wood stores carbon!

As trees grow, they naturally take carbon out of the atmosphere. When the trees are harvested and used to make wood products, the carbon remains stored in the wood for the life of the product.

Wood is meant to be great for health and wellbeing.

Apparently, exposure to wooden objects helps lower heart rate and stress responses and encourages greater interaction between people.

The best kind of wood produces less carbon dioxide.

The production and processing of wood is highly energy efficient, giving wood products a very low carbon footprint.

The right wood is renewable. It grows from the earth! 

Responsibly sourced wood is renewable and when treated right, forests will regrow to provide a wide range of other benefits such as further carbon storage, oxygen generation and habitat for native flora and fauna.

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Wood is one of the most naturally durable materials. 

When properly looked after it can last hundreds of years. Modern wood preservatives enhance natural durability; so it’s always a good choice!

Wood is structurally very strong – it was grown that way. 

A comparison with steel and concrete shows that wood is four to five times better than non reinforced concrete in compression.

Wood is a natural insulator. Ever seen a wooden cabin in the snow? 

As an insulator wood is 15 times better than brickwork, 400 times better than steel, and 1,770 times better than aluminium.

Wood is efficient to construct with. 

Thankfully for most countries and places where constant construction takes place, wooden buildings can be built year-round in most climates.

Wood is predominantly cheaper!

In terms of building expenses, the pocket speaks in that timber frames are consistently the most cost-effective solutions, as well as furnishing options.

What’s from the earth is naturally beautiful. 

Just look at it!

Wood provides local green jobs, like for the likes of Thomsons Outdoor Pine. 

Choosing wood gives local artisans a reason to work their magic and create wonderful living spaces for us!

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