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10 tips to throw a party like Sydney’s party King, Philip Carr

If there’s one thing in life you don’t want to stuff up, it’s a party.

There are so many things to consider from the food, to the guests, drinks to the decorations and everything in-between. How do you do it right?

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If party-maker Philip Carr has anything to do with it, apparently it’s knowing 10 simple tricks.

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  1. KEEP THE PARTY AGE APPROPRIATE. Planning a 3rd birthday party to a 21st or a 50th is very different. Make sure you make suitable changes to how you plan based on this.
    Don’t let the wrong kind of nostalgia dictate the party.
  2. KNOW WHEN TO START & STOP A PARTY. Having a party go on all night with guests staggering home in the morning isn’t for everyone. Often early evening drinks going into the night or a long lunch proves better. People are often more comfortable seated.
  3. CHOOSE A THEME. Then stick to it. Find a simple idea and carry it through in as many directions as you can think of. A simple Japanese sushi, Sake, Asahi beers etc. keeps a party themed and contained.
  4. DON’T SHOW PEOPLE EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT OF. Keep your idea simple and strong. All too often people take and copy ideas from too many sources without focusing on one strong idea.
  5. FOCUS ON THE LITTLE THINGS. This doesn’t necessarily mean making it expensive. Adding some nice soaps, candles or scents in the bathroom add to the overall experience of the event.

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  6. DON’T MAKE GUESTS WAIT. There is nothing worse than inviting guests for dinner and having them wait hours for the meal. As well as for a wedding, making them wait for extended periods of time for the bride to arrive.
  7. PLAN FOR UNEXPECTED WEATHER. It’s important to always have a full wet weather back up plan for your event, whether it be a marquee, change of venue, umbrellas. This can also include insect repellents and fans for hot days. Making guests feel comfortable helps with the overall enjoyment of the day.
  8. BE ORGANISED.  Best to be well organised so that you are not stressed on the day.  Obviously I would suggest having someone to do it for you and that takes out all the stress.  Even when I have a home event I like to get help.  Fortunately I’m connected to the best caterers, florists, staffing and entertainment, so I call in on their services.  It makes everything so much easier.
  9. FOOD. If you are not having the event catered, make food easy and simple.  People need great simple party food that’s not too fussy.  Se that food is easy to eat and party focussed.
  10. DRINKS.  No need to show every cocktail that is available. Lots of 1 or 2 drinks keeps the party idea strong. People feel often prefer to stick one drink for the party. It also keeps the bar running smoothly and quickly.

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