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10 easy hair styles for your next holiday

Summer is the best time for traveling, leaving you open to experiencing some amazing trips and unforgettable outings.

That’s why the issue of comfortable but good-looking hair-do is so essential. Getting something super-easy, taking no more than 5 minutes to quickly do and go is ideal when you’re away from home or making the most of the break.

The perfect hairstyle for short hair can be the one with a scarf or a headband, for long hair – classic ponies and braids, and easy up-dos for medium hair. They all are so simple that don’t even need to be described.

Some of the best and easiest hair styles and tips are below to make sure you don’t let your trip become another bad hair day.

  1. Top knot – Messy on purpose

No need to explain why top knot is at the top of our list… So comfy, so trendy, and so easy! With this fashionable up-style, you don’t have to worry about fixing it every 5 minutes; the care-free attitude is what it’s all about.

  1. High pony

This classic hair-do is always in fashion thanks to its versatility. Doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re going, this look is easy and always acceptable.

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  1. Low side pony

If you’re not a lover of up-dos, a loose low ponytail can become your best friend. Too boring? Add a little twist, braid, or lob it to the side.

  1. Simple braids

Braids are an ideal solution for long and medium hair styles while you’re away from home. All strands are well-fixed, nothing is sticking out on the back of your head and their staying power is second-to-none. 

  1. Half up, half down

This hairdo allows for taking the hair away from the face while leaving some flowing strands on the back of your head to stay creative.

  1. Double bun

Funny but cute, adorable but slightly sexy, comfy but easy – what else do you need to turn lots of heads while being on the plane?

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  1. Twisted up do

Twists are able to refresh any hairdo. All you have to do is to turn on your creativity and have fun.

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  1. Low relaxed bun

Think the more effortless, the better. 

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  1. Headband variations

A bright headband or scarf will help you to create a super romantic, coquettish, and unique image – all you need for summer trips.

  1. Cornrows

Another example of an easy and cool hairstyle that can be done quickly and easily is cornrows. This hair-do, though, works best for young girls, not older ladies.

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